Platform S-Class

The S-CLASS platform leverages a proprietary design to reduce the cost of manufacture by an order of magnitude.
The S-CLASS platform is a 3-axis stabilized spacecraft capable of supporting 85kg payloads with up to 100W of Orbit Average Power (OAP). Designed for mass manufacture and intended for constellations, the S-CLASS supports a wide range of missions including earth observation, weather, and communication; and is capable of steady state operation in any orbit inclination and orientation without redesign. The platform form factor can leverage existing ride-share opportunities on ESPAs, or can be adapted to any of the numerous dedicated small launch vehicles currently under development to significantly reduce launch segment costs.

The Harbinger Mission manifested for launch features the S-CLASS platform utilizing the Enhanced Power Subsystem offering up to 3,000W peak for payload operations and a Field-Effect Electric Propulsion (FEEP) system.



Availability (Time to Payload Integration):
1 day**
ESPA & Dedicated Launch
Bus Mass:
65 kg
Attitude Control System:
3—Axis Stabilized (RWs & Torque Rods)
Beta Angle Range:
-90° to 90°
Orientation (Mission Ops Constraints):
None w/ SA Gimbal
Pointing Knowledge:
25 arcsec (minimum performance)
Pointing Control:
25 arcsec (minimum performance)
Slew Rate:
1.5 deg/sec
Standard Comm:
S-Band Up/Down
X-Band Down (50 Mbps)Optional: Laser Comm Downlink (Up to 1 Gbps)
Availability (Max Payload Mass):
85 kg (15” ESPA)
Mechanical Mount:
22.5’’ x 22.5”, Flat Plate
Max Payload OAP:
100 W
Accepting up to 100 W OA


S-Class Options:
Second Star Tracker (2 total)

Dedicated Payload Flight Computer

Dedicated Payload Mass Memory (16 GB) & Transmitter Interface

Enhanced Power System (3,000 W Peak, high life cycle)

Laser Communications Downlink Terminal (1 Gbps)

Field Effect Electric Propulsion (FEEP)


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