York was created in 2015 by the Founders inspired by a desire to remove the inherent inefficiencies that currently frustrate the satellite design industry and an idea for a standardized spacecraft platform that can finally make that possible. York secured initial funding for the development of their initial S-Class platform leveraging their proprietary spacecraft design approach. Since that time York has developed, fully analyzed, and manufactured their S-Class platform prototype demonstrating the key features of the design. Development for their inaugural flight, the Harbinger Mission, with a Government sponsor continues and will launch Q4 2017.  Currently, York is entering the production phase of their S-Class platform with 30+ platforms currently under formal agreements or LOIs planned for production for commercial and Government customers.




Charles L. Beames, Executive Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer

A seasoned industry veteran, Beames joins the team from Vulcan Aerospace, where he led the development of its Stratolaunch satellite launch system and oversaw Vulcan’s space investment portfolio as President. Well known for his leadership in the Department of Defense, Beames brings to York an unconventional mix of experience and leadership in space and military systems, engineering, legislative affairs and business. Beames’ expertise spans both the commercial and national security space industry as a former and current board member for several other space companies. Prior to working at Vulcan Aerospace, he was a member of the Senior Executive Service, holding several executive positions within the Department of Defense, his last as the Principal Director, Space & Intelligence Systems in the Pentagon, overseeing the execution of a $90B annual acquisition budget.

Dirk Wallinger, Co-Founder & CEO

An industry expert with extensive experience as the Principal Lead System & Subsystem Engineer on multiple space vehicles, including GeoEye1, ORS-1, Fermi Gamma Ray Observatory, NFIRE, and numerous classified programs. He has successfully executed for a wide range of customers including NASA Goddard, USAF, DoD, NRL, NGA, ORS, and GeoEye (now DigitalGlobe). During employment with industry leaders including Orbital Sciences, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin he led Senior Management market assessments, evaluated new market entrance opportunities, set system pricing, and coordinated proposal strategy and messaging for company critical proposals.
Dirk currently leads business development, provides technical guidance for the platform, while developing and implementing York’s strategic initiatives and partnerships.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona, Summa Cum Laude


Wells Person, Co-Founder & COO

Former NASA Systems Engineer performing project management roles for critical NASA missions, focused on system design, project and risk management. A versatile professional whose latest experience includes managing a high net worth family partnership, directing investments into private equity, securities, and real estate. Wells additionally developed a testing facilities plan for a consumer product testing and reporting startup, designing a multimillion dollar testing center to optimize operations speed and accuracy.
Wells is responsible for the daily operation of York, while coordinating fundraising, executing contracts, and developing implementation and execution plans for York’s short and long term strategies.
Master of Business Administration from University of Maryland,
Smith School of Business
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from University of Colorado



York Space Systems management team spans numerous industries and areas of expertise. With expertise in satellite manufacture, finance, start-up, production manufacturing, and coupled with broad industry reach, York is able to leverage the correct talent to meet any challenge. 


Brad Wilford, Board Director

Partner at a New York based private equity firm currently managing original capital commitments in excess of $8 billion.
A.B. Degree in Economics from Harvard University


William Bonner, Board Director, CFA

Financial professional with over 20 years of experience working with both a hedge fund and an investment bank in New York.
Former US Air Force Captain and F-111 pilot


Rob Assenmacher, Board Director

President & Board of Directors of CAID Industries, a Tucson, AZ based Engineering/Design firm. Specializing in Automation, Precision Machining, Mining Technology, and Metal Fabrication. 
Master, Business Management from University of Arizona Eller College of Management
BSBA Accounting/Finance from the University of Arizona


William Readdy, Advisory Director

Board Chairman of the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority (VCSFA), Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) and Former NASA Associate Administrator of Space Operations, Astronaut & Navy Pilot.
In addition, Mr. Readdy was honored as a Meritorious Rank Executive by President Bush in 2003 and in 2005 Readdy was awarded NASA’s highest honor, the Distinguished Service Medal for the second time. He has also been the recipient of NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal three times and the Exceptional Service Medal twice. In addition he is the recipient of numerous national and international aviation and space awards, and has been recognized for his contributions to aerospace safety.


James Cantrell, Advisory Director

Mr. Cantrell is well known for his international aerospace industry experience, space systems knowledge, and entrepreneurial skills. Throughout his career Mr. Cantrell founded Strategic Space Development, co-founded SpaceX and served as its Vice President of Business Development, was on the Skybox Imaging team developing the technical concepts and venture financing, and held positions at the French space agency CNES and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Michael Swink, Advisory Director

Mr Swink has been founding companies in industries as varied as defense and video games since the late 90s. He was the lead architect of DARPA’s TIGR project and has a strong technical background in distributed system design and programming.
B.S. Computer Engineering and M.S. Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas