York’s proprietary spacecraft design, is the world’s first mass manufactured standardized spacecraft bus platform capable of supporting a wide breadth of applications without redesign, available at a price point an order of magnitude below any other competitor, and with immediate delivery capability. The initial S-Class platform will eliminate barriers to entry for entire new data gathering space constellations, creating new verticals, and enabling for drastic growth of the “Space Mega-Set”.

Our Platform

The AESV S-Class platform leverages a proprietary design to reduce the cost of manufacture by an order of magnitude. The S-Class platform is a 3-axis stabilized spacecraft capable of supporting 85kg payloads with up to 100W of Orbit Average Power (OAP). Designed for mass manufacture and intended for constellations, the S-Class supports a wide range of missions including earth observation, weather, and communication; and is capable of steady state operation in any orbit inclination and orientation without redesign. The platform form factor can leverage existing ride-share opportunities on ESPAs, or can be adapted to any of the numerous dedicated small launch vehicles currently under development to significantly reduce launch segment costs.

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